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The Earth is a Work of Art (Part I)

I believe that traveling can broaden your perspective of how you see the world and can open your mind and spirit to new possibilities. Check out which places inspired my newest series of illustrations, Women of the Earth.


This beautiful rock formation inspired my illustration Meteora. When you think of Greece, you may think of temples, museums and beautiful beaches but there is so much more that goes unnoticed. This stunning place is known for the Meteora Monasteries. At the peak of each pillar is a stunning structure that leaves you wondering how they even came to be. The most unbelievable part of this natural landscape is the the smooth exterior of the rock formations. When the sun begins to set, the silhouettes of the landscape turn to a cool blue and purple. I sat and watched the sun set. The sky revealed a beautiful starry night and the landscape vanished into the darkness. I sat there and appreciated every second of this moment.


The clear blue ocean waves crashing against the coast of these shell filled sandy beaches, communicated healing energy. I came to appreciate how cold and clear the water was. My experience in Lagos inspired my illustration Bay. I hopped on a kayak and floated against the coastline. The formations of the rocky landscape created bridges and passageways through the water. Caves were formed in pockets of these passageways and the only way to access them was by kayak or boat. The feeling of entering the cave was surreal. A hole on the ceiling of the cave allowed light to illuminate the water. Just below the surface, you could see swarms of fish dancing in the vibrant blues and greens. I reached my hand into the water and for a moment, I felt like I was a part of something more. This experience reminded me that there is so much of the world I haven't explored but I hope to someday.


The Swiss Alps is one of the most gorgeous mountain ranges I have seen, which is why it was the perfect inspiration for my illustration Mountain. Moments of hiking the steep cliffs in Lauterbrunnen seemed unreal, as if the mountain was a painted backdrop. This hike was one of the most rewarding challenges. A meadow of wildflowers stopped me in my tracks. It was as if the Earth whispered for me to stop and look up. I remember the urge to cry. Not because I was sad but because I was so thankful for that very moment. The colors were so vibrant and the air was so clear. There was no one there. No one else hiking but me and my significant other. We were gifted this moment all to ourselves. The Earth revealed its beauty to us and we just sat there in awe. This experience also reminded me why I paint the Earth. The Earth is a work of art.


Each moment altered my perception of the Earth. I never thought I would get the chance to experience these beautiful landscapes. The Earth constantly reminds me that there is beauty everywhere, we just have to open our minds and our eyes. If you have been dreaming of traveling, do it! When you do, make sure to saver that special moment. That moment when the Earth whispers to you, "look up."

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