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Randi is an illustrator and Graphic novelist who specializes in ink and watercolor. She depicts extensions of how she and others perceive the world and how people and nature affect her emotionally and physically. Most of her work represents the connection between women and nature. She has now self-published 3 books including: Bear Trap, Women Are Like Trees and Women of the Earth. The stories and experiences  shared between humans and nature inspire Randi. She strives to live an unforgettable life to create unforgettable work.


Hoyt, R. (2018). Wangari Maathai. University of Wisconsin-Stout School of Art & Design National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) Student Work Exhibition, 4/11/18-4/13/18, Menomonie, Wi

Hoyt, R. (2018). Wangari Maathai. Concordia College Faith, Reason and World Affairs Symposium art exhibition, Women’s Work, 8/26/18-9/28/18, Moorhead, MN.

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