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Opening my eyes...

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

As I grew into the person I am today, I also grew out of the person I didn't want to be anymore. What person was that? The person who wasn't fully embracing their vision, their thoughts, their mind and body and the person that was disconnected from their own spirit. "What happened that changed?" I ask myself this question all the time. What changed? I want to say I woke up one day and decided to embrace my most authentic self...but that isn't what happened. It wasn't a light switch. It was the process of planting a seed that I didn't believe I could grow. But with time and my energy to nurture that seed, I watched as the buds of leaves started to sprout from the soil. This gave me confidence, strength and courage. I provided nature with my energy and in return, she opened up a pathway that was in front of me this whole time.

What changed was putting myself in the most uncomfortable positions because I got so used to routine. Deciding to travel with my love to follow his vision, in return, allowed me to find my own. This is where I found myself again... despite some of the most challenging and emotional experiences of my life along that journey. I had realized that I started to get too comfortable in the routine I call my life. Wake up. Watch some morning TV. Drink coffee. Go to work. Time to smile and say "yes" to everything that was asked of me because that is what I was supposed to do. Take blame for others and become afraid to ask for time off for fear I would let someone down. After work hours, I went home, did some art but lost the feeling of inspiration and connection with every line. Then finally, off to bed after watching another series of shows I had seen three times through already...

Yes this was "comfort" but it was becoming an isolating comfort. I didn't want to be seen but I wanted my art to be seen... Wait what? When you think about it, that makes no sense.

My art is me, it is a part of me and how I see the world. If I don't embrace myself, how will I ever embrace my art?

It was time to open my eyes. See myself as I am and welcome all to see it too.

Welcome to my journey. I ask all to bring supportive and beautiful energy as I continue to shed my old bark and reveal the beautiful tree growing within me. I hope my words and art can inspire you to do the same.


Message of the day:

Rainbow Eucalyptus- Shed your old bark and reveal your true self. Being vulnerable is accepting all parts of you and your journey in this life.

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